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It’s Almost Party Time - Don’t Stress Out!

Here are some easy tips to keep in mind if you are planning some holiday parties.

The purpose of any party is to treat your guests to a memorable experience and for you to enjoy yourself as well! We have all been to parties where the hostess was stressed out and made the guests feel uncomfortable. With so many things to do when planning a party, it’s important to stay relaxed during the planning period.

Start with your menu. Make easy but fun and impressive recipes. Make as many ahead as possible. Buy a few store prepared extras.

Hire someone to clean the house. Treat yourself to this one added expense, it will free up much of your time so that you can focus on the necessary party preparations.

Manage the mood. Start with dimmed lighting, festive decorations such as metallic accents and festive music.

Soak dirty dishes. Fill a large plastic bin with warm, soapy water and keep it in the kitchen. Toss in used dishes during the party.

Clear the air. Crack a window open to circulate fresh, cool air, then adjust as the party heats up.

Keep prepared food warm. A 200-degree oven works as a warming drawer. This also frees up counter space and provides insurance that your food won’t burn if you forget to take it out.

Most importantly, remember to mingle and have fun with your guests, they will remember this more than any other aspect of the party!