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10 Signs You are a Dayton Foodie

Do you try something new on Cobblestone Café’s menu every time? You might be a foodie…

Cobblestone Cafe foodie regulars are easy for us to spot: you love our changing and varied menu, our focus on partnering with local farms, and the fact that owner Rick Weber supplies seasonal ingredients from his Spring Valley organic garden.

Not only that, but you have made sure to try our #1 bestseller for 15 years, The Grilled Asparagus Sandwich, and have sampled our Mushroom Ragu Crepes (we recommend these as an appetizer to share). Cobblestone foodie regulars appreciate that our Chef Jessica Livingston created the perfect Citrus Crab Cake recipe when she lived in Maine (only using real lump crab meat).

Also? You count non-GMO and locally made before calories and choose our Rue Farms Kettle Chips as your side, made in Springfield, OH.

You might be a Cobblestone foodie, but are you are Dayton foodie? Here’s 11 Signs to help you find out (plus a few great suggestions for amazing local foodie spots!):

You Might Be a Dayton Foodie if…

You know all about up-and-coming Dayton-produced specialties, like HouseMade Hot Honey, winner of the 2016 Cajun Hot Sauce Festival in Louisiana, made with local Ohio Honey.

You’re not interested in just the food, but also the stories and history surrounding local restaurants, like The Amber Rose,  a restaurant in Old North Dayton that pays homage in both menu and decor to the German working-class roots of the neighborhood.

You follow food trucks around town, and plan your day around where you might be able to grab some quick and delicious grub from The Beerded Pig, Greek Street Dayton, or Hunger Paynes.

Your bucket list includes checking off all of these incredible BBQ spots in Dayton.

You have a heart not just for the fabulous food, but also the unique personalities of the owners—like local fave  Rick Volz of Voltzy’s Root Beer Stand.

You celebrate national food days—like National Taco Day and National Chocolate Day—with as much zeal as you celebrate Christmas, and you think it’s rightly deserved that donuts get an entire month. You probably made it a point to visit Bear Creek Donuts in Miamisburg at least every weekend in October (that’s National Donut Month for you non-foodie folks).

Your Christmas shopping list includes purchasing a case of gin produced in Dayton to gift to party hosts this holiday season.

The cashiers at Dorothy Lane Market know you by name—and you’re more likely to splurge on truffle oil at the grocery than designer bags at the mall.

You know what “single origin” coffee is, and you prefer yours from Boston Stoker.

You’ve visited a local apple orchard (or 2 or 3) this season to stock up on local cider, apples, and fresh cider donuts.

Are you a Dayton foodie? Stop in for foodie fare at our café and share your local Dayton area foodie favorites. Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook to see what’s new on our menu and sign up for our email newsletter on our website so you can be the first to hear what Chef Jess is cooking up for Sunday brunch every week!

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